Kaiden Leva WD (KWPN) ready to rock the west this breeding season

  • 3 April 2020, 12:05

Horse Sport Ireland’s breeding department recently caught up with Vinny and Sandra Duffy to discuss this equestrian family’s breeding plans and how their recently preliminary approved stallion will strengthen Ireland’s breeding lines and pedigrees.

Kaiden Leva WD (KWPN) pictured at the recent Irish Sport Horse stallion inspections in Cavan

Kaiden Leva WD (KWPN) the 2015 stallion, by Kannan (KWPN) out of Bea-Leva (KWPN) by Numero Uno (KWPN) was bred by W. Dekker and is owned by Sandra Duffy. He impressed the panel of judges at the recent Irish Sport Horse stallion inspections in Cavan. The stallion passed stage 1 of the inspection on Tuesday 10th March where he was linear profiled and scored on conformation, movement and athleticism. He then progressed to stage 2 on Wednesday 11th March where Brendan Murphy rode him over a basic course of fences, followed by Horse Sport Ireland’s judging rider Capt. Geoff Curran.

Following the inspection Captain Geoff Curran said:

“In my opinion this horse has a superb amount of potential to jump the bigger track and displays a tremendous amount of scope and ability. He will definitely add scope and athleticism to our Irish mares and benefit our overall Irish sport horse herd,”

Vinny Duffy then elaborated on how the purchase of this stallion came about and his plans for the future:

“I became more interested in the breeding side of things over the last few years and I was thinking about this plan for a while. I decided to put my plan into action when I contacted a good friend of mine Alan Waldman. I told him I wanted a horse of my own to cover my mares and possibly be my next commercial stallion and improve all our Irish stock. I wanted to relive the success of World Cruise (ISH) and hopefully have as much, if not more success. Alan rang me up and told me that he had a really nice horse for me and that he felt this stallion would improve the Irish breeding lines along with my own mares’ progeny.

Vinny Duffy (left)

“I was immediately excited by this prospect and his own pedigree, so I went to see him, and the rest is history. I bought him in April 2019, and we broke him over the summer. Brendan began working for me in August and he has been working away with him since. I was a little bit worried that the inspections might be too much for him because he is such a big horse and still needs to develop. I was so nervous coming to inspections and not knowing what to expect. I suppose it’s a bit like someone being critical of your children. I am so impressed with the whole inspection format and while it’s a long day we always seemed to be busy and yet there was still enough down time for the stallions to chill between the various sections of the inspection. It is an excellent way to produce a young stallion and Cavan is an excellent venue to show and school young horses.

“My stallion had a little break over the winter months to give him time to develop and I think it paid dividends to him at inspections. We have done very little with him only having him at a couple of training shows, but he has such a beautiful temperament that it’s easy to just do little bits and pieces with him to keep him ticking over. He was so nice and relaxed on the first day of inspections, but he got even better on the second day, and Geoff Curran gave him a great ride. Brendan is a great asset to Duffy Sport Horses and before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we had some great results in the spring tours, and we hopefully look forward too many more.

“The final plan is to get Kaiden Leva WD to the world championships just like World Cruise (ISH) did and maybe even one day the Olympics. I like to think he has that potential and hopefully his progeny will do the same. It is getting increasingly difficult to buy a horse of that calibre so hopefully we can produce one or two of our own. We also have a couple of 3-year-old stallions that we intend to bring out for inspection next year. They are already showing excellent potential and hopefully with this year to develop they will meet preliminary approved status too. One of them is by Untouchable 27 (KWPN) and out of a Kannan mare. The other 3-year-old stallion is out of China White (ISH) who is one of our traditional mares. She is by Lucky Gift (TB) out of a Kildalton Gold (RID) mare is and her three year old colt is by Sligo Candy Boy (ISH). This cross worked really well, and I am so excited to see where he takes us. He is already showing loads of ability and scope. I use Sligo Candy Boy (ISH) quiet a lot on my mares. I really like that stallion he adds blood and scope to my herd. He is a real asset to have standing in this country with Padraig Howley.

“I have around 10 mares in foal this year. My mares range from traditionally-bred mares to national competition or international mares that would have been ridden by the late Jack Dodd, Jake Hunter or Darryl Walker. I like to use various stallions that suit the individual mare such as Luidam (KWPN), Untouchable 27 (KWPN), El Barone 111 (ZANG) or Je T’aime Flamenco (BWP). I also like to use young well-related stallions. Personally, I am not a huge fan of embryo transfer its very expensive for the traditional breeder and I like to do things the natural way, when its not broke… why fix it?.

“Traditionally Ireland had the worlds best mares and I think that keeping this country’s breeding plan going in the right direction is vital for Ireland to be back on top where it belongs in breeding rankings at both show jumping and eventing disciplines. I feel with time and financial incentives invested in Ireland’s top mares, this can be achieved and I look forward to what’s to come. In my opinion a day for mare inspections similar to that of the stallion inspections should take place to allow breeders to show off the country’s best mares and it should be financially viable for breeders to take the best mares there. Breeders long term focus needs to be investing in top class brood mares and more rewards will be seen. Breeding is definitely improving in this country and under the dedication and direction of Alison Corbally it will continue to do so. Another great asset we have in this country are the traditional horse men who are now Horse Sport Ireland stallion and mare inspectors. For example, Col. Ned Campion is one of the best horse men this world has seen, and his knowledge is second to none. These people need to be utilised to get this countries breeder back on the map and the recognition they deserve.”

Vinny finished by saying:

‘This year I intend to use Kaiden Leva WD on my own mares and I can’t wait to see how this cross works. I am already looking forward to 2021’s foals. My overall goal is to continue to develop my own competition yard through breeding the best and supplying the best for Irish breeders to do the same. Let’s get back on top together!”

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