Opening Horse Sport Ireland Paralympic Selection Trials take place in Ireland and the UK

  • 15 April 2021, 17:57

The first section of Horse Sport Ireland’s Paralympic Selection Trials took place at Greenogue in Dublin and at a venue in the UK concurrently last weekend.

The tests are being virtually judged by a group of five-star Para Equestrian judges from the UK and Europe.  Both venues were permitted to run by the FEI and both had official technical delegates on site to oversee the tests. The second round of the selection process will be on May 8th & 9th at the same venues.

The riders who took part in the opening Selection Trials were:

Angela Lyons  (Woodcroft Santa Cruz)
Rosemary Gaffney (Werona)
Kate Kerr-Horan (Serafina)
Lucinda Blakiston-Houston (Happy  Feet)
Tamsin Addison (Donna Siesta)
Michael Murphy  (Cleverby)