TREC Ireland announce 2013 sponsor

  • 7 July 2013, 15:30

TREC Ireland are pleased to announce the title sponsor for the 2013 National Championships. The Equisafety TREC Ireland National Championships will be held from the 19th to the 21st of July at Ross House Equestrian Centre, Mountnugent, Co. Cavan.

Nestled at the meeting point of the lake county of Westmeath, the royal county of Meath and Cavan’s rolling drumlins, Ross House Equestrian Centre provides the setting for the 2013 TREC Ireland National Championships.  The competition will be held over two days and will comprise three phases.

The POR (Orienteering) phase will take riders through quiet roads and lanes, farmland and woodlands with views of the stunning Lough Sheelin as the backdrop to the orienteering.

Competitors may be riding through fields of livestock. Please use common sense when riding past animals and adhere to the country code and at all times. Remember if you find a closed gate, please close again behind you.  A maximum of 240 points are available for this section with the length and difficulty of the route relevant to the class.

In the CoP (Control of Paces) phase the schooling of the horse’s gaits are tested with riders demonstrating slow canter and fast walk over a distance of not more than 150m.  A maximum of 60 points are available for this phase.

The PTV (Obstacles) phase is a timed cross-country course involving 16 natural or simulated obstacles.  The obstacles will be selected from the 38 obstacles approved by TREC Ireland. Datasheets detailing the obstacles and scoring for each of these may be downloaded from the download section of the website  There is a maximum of 160 points available for this phase.

Equisafety – have very generously provided prizes for all the championship classes. Further sponsorship has been provided by Horse First, who specialise in high quality, proven supplements. For the second year Equest have provided generous sponsorship with products for class winners and a rug for the leading overall rider.

Our special prizes list add more sponsors to programme:
Fincourt Bar Sponsor of the leading local rider (residing within 20 miles of Ross House). Sponsors of the Irish Draught, Connemara and Rescue Horse prizes. will also make a donation to the organisation which rescued and rehomed the best performing rescue horse or pony.
Leonie sutton Equine Artist will provide a treat for the winner of the veteran class with an A4 portrait of their horse.
Racehorse to Riding Horse Ireland sponsors of the prize for the leading ex-racehorse (racing name must be used on entry form).
and finally, if you are tempted to give TREC a try but are not sure it’s for you, the prize for the highest scoring newcomer sponsored by Omard Stables provides a nice incentive.

Full details, event schedule and entry form are available from the downloads section of the TREC Ireland website

Class 1: Level 1 Pairs
Maximum distance POR: 5-15km
Maximum height PTV: 60cm

Class 2: Level 2 Pairs
Maximum distance POR: 15-25km
Maximum height PTV: 80cm

Class 3: Level 2 Individuals
(As above Class 2)

Class 4: Level 3 Pairs
Maximum distance POR: 25-35km
Maximum height PTV: 90cm
May include compass bearings, grid references and/or aerial photos.

Class 5: Level 3 Individuals
(As above Class 4)
May include compass bearings, grid references and/or aerial photos.

Class 6: Level 4 Individuals – FITE European Cup
Maximum distance POR: 35-45km
Maximum height PTV: 1.10m
May include compass bearings, grid references and/or aerial photos.

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