Horse Sport Ireland Advisory Council Chair Elections

  • 3 September 2021, 12:15

Horse Sport Ireland are pleased to announce details of the recent HSI Advisory Council Chair Elections.

The function of the four HSI advisory councils is to provide advice to the Board of Horse Sport Ireland in support of the development strategy, policy, funding, activity and sustainability and to identify future priorities and opportunities to be pursued under its strategic plan, and the development of clear plans of action, integrating activities across skills and partnership.

Paul Duffy (Showjumping Ireland) has been elected as Chair to the HSI High Performance Advisory Council

David O’Meara (Eventing Ireland) has been reappointed for a second term as Chair to the HSI Equestrian Sport & Recreation Advisory Council

Edward Doyle (Irish Horse Board) has been reappointed for a second term as Chair to the HSI Breeding & Production Advisory Council

Lt Col Tom Freyne (Army Equitation School) has been reappointed for a second term as Chair to the HSI Coaching & Education Advisory Council

The Advisory Councils report directly, and make recommendations, to the Board through the chair of each Advisory Council. A Chair is ordinarily appointed for an initial term of 3 years and is expected to complete this term. A member may serve a maximum of two terms, should same be re-elected.

Avalon Everett, HSI Head of Sport, Legal & Governance commented:

“The Indecon Report (2017) made sizeable recommendations regarding the advisory fora within the structure of Horse Sport Ireland. The council structure provides for democratic processes to allow the affiliate family identify suitable nominees to come forward for election, and if successful be appointed as a Director of Horse Sport Ireland. 2021 saw elections across all four advisory councils which ran smoothly and in line with good governance procedures. I’m delighted to welcome back three of our Chairs for a second term and a new Chair in High Performance. The input and discussion across the councils is important and a valuable instrument in aligning and developing strategy within Horse Sport Ireland.”

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