Horse Sport Ireland launches environmental sustainability survey

  • 22 March 2023, 11:00

Equestrian governing body teams up with British Equestrian on crucial research project

Have your say: environmental sustainability in the equestrian industry
Groundbreaking survey now live

Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) is delighted to today release its industry-wide survey around environmental sustainability in order to help us shape a strategy to address the risks, challenges and opportunities to support the wider equine community on this fundamental social impact topic. 

Prepared by leading environment consultancy White Griffin, the five-minute survey is targeted at businesses and individuals to gather opinions on pressing issues such as water availability, land stewardship, energy, emissions, waste and resources. We also want to hear about some best practice examples in the industry from those directly involved, so that we can learn more about successful schemes that are already making a positive difference to the environment.

Concurrently, as part of the joint project, our colleagues in British Equestrian (BEF) are launching a survey to their members to develop a consolidated message and ensure lived experiences are shared for mutual benefit across both equestrian landscapes in the two countries.

Horse Sport Ireland Chief Executive Denis Duggan said: “It is now time for us all to make changes and improvements so that we can have a more positive impact on the environment and this survey will help us to put in place a strategy that will enable us to make a difference, while helping the equine sector deliver change in a positive manner.

“HSI is delighted to be working alongside British Equestrian on such an important project and urges as many people as possible across the sector to take part in this survey so that we can address challenges surrounding environmental sustainability and deliver upon the feedback garnered from it.”

The survey is now live and is open to anyone in the equestrian industry – whatever your position, role, or level of involvement, all are welcome to take part – we want to hear your thoughts. The survey will close on 17th of April and will be followed up by a report and recommendations from White Griffin which HSI will then be used to shape an environmental sustainability strategy for us and our member bodies as well as the entire industry.

Link to the survey can be found here:

HSI and the BEF are grateful for the support of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (under National Breeding Services), as well as Sport England in this ground-breaking research project.