Irish team for Danish Nations’ Cup announced

  • 15 May 2015, 00:17

SHOW jumping team manager Robert Splaine has announced the Irish team that will line out for the Nations’ Cup in Odense, Denmark on Friday afternoon.

Under Chef d’Equipe James Tarrant, the Irish foursome will jump in the following order:

Capt Brian Cournane/Javas Keltic Mist (ISH)
Capt Geoff Curran/Mullaghbane (ISH)
Michael Duffy/Cortina 200
Thomas Ryan/Caribo

The competition, which takes place at 3pm Irish time, sees Ireland drawn to jump tenth of 13 nations taking part.

Odense is a Division Two competition in the Furusiyya League for 2015, and will not be a points-scoring contest for Ireland.

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