Jordan Coyle and Ariso win TC Energy Cup at Spruce Meadows

  • 16 September 2021, 11:18

Wednesday’s first day of the Spruce Meadows ‘North American’, presented by Rolex, started with a win for Ireland’s Jordan Coyle and Aristo in the TC Energy Cup.

Eight horses and riders qualified for the jump-off, with Coyle producing the fastest of four clears in the second round.

While the footing held up great against the steady rainfall throughout the day, many riders were distracted by rain. Coyle, though, was not particularly bothered by the soggy weather.

“I don’t mind the rain, I come from the rain,” he told reporters, smiling. Following his win, he spoke more to his previous performances at Spruce Meadows. “Last year, or two years ago, when I was here, I said “If you don’t win the first day, you can’t win them all”, and I was lucky enough to win them all that year.”

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