Recommendations to Breeders

  • 19 March 2020, 09:35

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the country, Horse Sport Ireland encourages all breeders to be extra vigilant in the days and weeks ahead.

Breeders should look at putting some protocols in place to ensure you exercise extreme caution when coming into contact any people entering your yard.  Our mares will still foal and need to be covered so many farms are very busy currently with outside staff such as vets and farriers who may be visiting many yards throughout the day.  While we are dealing with a most challenging situation, we also understand that the breeding and training of horses etc. continues but it is important for all of us to ensure we put additional protocols.

Below are some simple guidelines you should adhere to:

  • A minimum of 2 metres social distancing guidelines should always be adhered to and spending NO more than fifteen (15) minutes in contact with another person.
  • All breeders should undergo thorough hand sanitation and provide such facilities for those who work in and visit your yard.
  • Where there are employees working on your premises please consider the following:
    • Personal & Family commitments
    • Possible underlying health issues
    • Rostered work and lunch /tea breaks for minimal contact
  • When bringing your mare to stud check with the stud farm protocols prior to your journey and abide by their rules. 
  • Avoid the misinformation being shared on social media sites and in private messaging groups which have resulted in increased concern and stress for many people in recent days.
  • Please get your information from official, trusted sources. We recommend the and as a very reliable source of information. 

It is understandable that this virus will cause stress and uncertainty among many of you.  However, if we follow the instructions issues by Government and the HSE we will limit the potential damage and spread of this virus. The sooner it can be contained the sooner we can get the Country and the Sport Horse sector back to a normal way of life.

In the meanwhile, look after yourself, staff and your neighbours that may need assistance and we are available at any time should you require any additional information.

Please be aware that while Horse Sport Ireland remains fully operational, our staff will be working remotely where possible during this period and we are requesting that visits by the public to the Horse Sport Ireland offices should be avoided. For all Passport and Registration enquires visit the HSI website HERE.

All other enquiries to Horse Sport Ireland should be directed preferably through email [email protected] or by phone to +353 (0) 45 850 800 or by post.


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