Full Results from USA. Results are in – a lot of Irish Sport Horses to look at

  • 17 February 2024, 12:25
Eight top slots for Irish breeders this week including a win nearly on his dressage score for the Mike Comerford bred MRF Qwlkstep in the 7yo Open Preliminary. Great results from Jumping Branch Farm as well.

See below the full list of International Eventing Results


Ocala Winter HT (USA) 16th – 18th February 2024

Open Intermediate One Day

6th Kilcannon Kandy Kid [ISH] – 2013 gelding by Sligo Candy Boy [ISH] out of Charlestown Daisy (ISH)[TIH] by Cruise On (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Patrick J Wall (Mayo). Rider: Kelty O’Donoghue (USA) 31.8, 0, 25.6 = 57.4

10th HSH Double Sixteen (TB) – 2015 gelding by Robin des Pres (TB) out of Azaria (TB). Breeder: Mrs Mohammed. Rider: Caroline Pamukcu (USA) 29.4, 4, 26.4 = 59.8.

Open Preliminary One Day A.

1st Rock Phantom (ISH)[TIH][was Fernhill Rock Phantom] – 2011 gelding by Sprit House (TB) out of Ballycroy Rose (ID) by Clonakilty Hero (ID). Breeder: Maura O’Malley (Mayo). Rider: Sara Kozumplik (USA) 27.6, 0, 1.6 = 29.2

2nd Fernhill Hotshot (ISH)[was You Two Hotshot] – 2016 gelding by Warrenstown You 2 (ISH) out of Ballinamonapark Honet (ISH) by Iroko (WESTF). Breeder: Vahe Bogossian. Rider: Madison Temkin (USA) 34.2, 0, 0.0 = 34.2

6th Fernhill Locklann (ISH)[was Fernhill Fifty Shades] – OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Cottage Cavalier (ISH) by Don Juan de la Bouverie (SBS). Breeder: Thomas Hutchinson. Rider: Janna Scholtz (USA) 32.4, 0, 10.8 = 43.2

7th Catch Me Cooley (ISH)[was GRC Brigade] – 2012 gelding by Clover Brigade (ISH)[TIH] out of Loughnavatta Sabrina (ISH) by VDL Arkansas (KWPN). Breeder: Rory Costagan (Tipperary). Rider: Kelly Prather (USA) 29.5, 0, 14.8 = 44.3

10th Quality Explosion (ISH)[was Dolmen Delallio] – 2014 gelding by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Dolmen Doolee (ISH) by Dolmen Déjà Vu (ISH). Breeder: Jack Murphy. Rider: Janelle Fleming (USA) 31.8, 0, 23.6 = 55.4.

Open Preliminary One Day B.

1st Newmarket Cooley (ISH)[was Newmarket Generator) – 2010 gelding by Newmarket Jewel (WESTF) out of Able Flash (ISH)[TIH] by Able Albert (TB). Breeder: Brian Daly. Rider: Elisabeth Halliday (USA) 26.6, 0, 0.8 = 27.4

2nd Hawthornstud Fortunate Love (ISH) – 2014 gelding by Heritage Fortunus (HANN) out of Cushlane Flight (ISH)[TIH] by Golden River (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Lizzie Burcher. Rider: Sara Kozumplik (USA) 30.8, 0, 0.4 = 31.2.

Open Preliminary 7 Year Old.

1st MRF Qwlkstep (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Metropole (KWPN) out of Silver Comet (TB)[IRL] by Exit to Nowhere (TB). Breeder: Mike Comerford. Rider: Katie Malensek (CAN) 31.1, 0, 0.4 = 31.5

8th Ballyneety Soldier (ISH)[TIH][was Heavy Inputs] – 2017 gelding by Crafty Call (ISH)[TIH] out of Salt Lake City (ISH)[TIH] by Yeats (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: James Hickey. Rider: Kelly Prather (USA) 29.5, 0, 51.2 = 80.7.

Open Modified One Day A.

1st Monbeg Odyssey (ISH)[was Carraigahulla Orlando] – 2012 gelding by Orestus VDL (KWPN) out of Carraigahulla (ISH) by Glen Bar (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Michael Byrne. Rider: Sophia Middlebrook (USA) 27.3, 0, 0.0 = 27.3

10th Cairnview Noble Jester (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Harlequin du Carel (SF) out of Cairnview Lucy (ISH)[TIH] by Laughton’s Flight (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Geraldine Quinn. Rider: Hillary Irwin (USA) 37.3, 0, 11.2 = 48.5.

Open Modified One Day B.

3rd Carrigshawn HFS (ISH)[was Carrigshawn Quincy] – 2016 mare by Quantino (HOLST) out of Carrigshawn Lucy (ISH) by Olympic Lux (KWPN). Breeder: John Warner. Rider: Alyssa Phillips (USA) 30.5, 4, 0.0 = 34.5

4th Dassett Evermore (ISH)[was Carneyhaugh Sonnet] – 2017 mare by Pollux de Muze Z (ZANG) out of Carneyhaugh Troubadour (ISH) by ARS Vivendi (HOLST). Breeder: Patrick Breen. Rider: Benita Strini (USA) 27.8, 0, 7.6 = 35.4.

Saturday’s Results.

Advanced / Intermediate.

5th Off the Record (ISH)[was Cooley Stateside] – 2009 gelding by VDL Arkansas (KWPN) out of Drumagoland Bay (ISH) by Ard Ohio (KWPN). Breeder: Peter G Brady (Cavan). Rider: William Coleman (USA) 28.4, 0, 14.0 = 42.4

7th Direct Advance (ISH) – 2011 gelding by Night Cruise (ISH)[TIH] out of Herbst Jennie B (ISH) by Concorde (KWPN). Breeder: Noel Good (Tyrone). Rider: Zachary Brandt (USA) 35.5, 0, 10.4 = 45.9

Intermediate Rider.

1st Shirsheen Fun For All (ISH)[was Glynnwood Chelsea] – 2015 gelding by Tolan R (KWPN) out of Chelsea (KWPN) by Tinka’s Boy (KWPN). Breeder: Peter Glynn (Galway). Rider: Michelle Mercier (USA) 31.6, 0, 8.8 = 40.4.

Open Intermediate A.

1st Shirsheen Ice [ISH] – 2014 gelding by Beowolf [ISH] out of Candy Copper (ISH)[TIH] by Regal Sting (TB). Breeder: Patrick Murphy (Wicklow). Rider: Sharon White (USA) 36.6, 4, 1.2 = 41.8

6th Azure (ISH) – 2012 mare by Omar (BWP) out of Cavalie Roselier (ISH) by Cavalier Royale (HOLST). Breeder: Elizabeth Power, Rider: Phillip Dutton (USA) 39.6, 0, 14.0 = 53.6.

Open Intermediate B.

7th Fernhill Shutterfly (ISH)[was Kilcurry Shutterfly] – 2014 gelding by Sir Shutterfly (HANN) out of Wonnie [ISH] by Puissance (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Eileen Duggan & Brendan Hearty. Rider: Philip Dutton (USA) 30.2, 4, 24.8 = 59.0

Open Preliminary A.

1st Countess Cooley (ISH) – 2015 mare by Ramiro B (BWP) out of Regular Eaton (ISH). Breeder Georgina Philips. Rider: Leslie Law (GBR) 30.0, 0, 4.0 = 34.0

5th Classicals Smartie Pants (ISH)[TIH] – 2015 gelding by Robin de la Maison (TB)[IRL] out of Gurraun Fleur (ID) by Carrabawn View (ID). Breeder: Rita Dempsey. Rider: Kylie Lyman (USA) 31.3, 4, 2.8 = 38.1

8th Shannondale Magnum (ISH) – 2011 gelding by Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan (BEWB) out of Mullentine Golden Cruz [ISH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Senan Canny (Clare). Rider: Chris Newton (USA) 33.7, 8.4, 0.0 = 42.1.

Open Preliminary B.

2nd Da Vinci Code [was Killags De Vinci Code] (ISH)[TIH] – 2007 gelding by Master Imp (TB) out of Clovers Apollo (ID) by Clover Hill (ID). Breeder: James White (Wexford). Rider: Kylie Lyman (USA) 27.6, 0, 0.8 = 28.4

9th Electric Lux (ISH) – 2010 mare by Lux Z (HANN) out of Kilnamac Sue [ISH][TIH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: James Ryan (Tipperary). Rider: Natalia Neneman (USA) 30.0, 0, 11.6 = 41.6

10th Carsonstown (ISH)[was Carstown Do It Tomorrow] – 2012 gelding by Lougherne Capuchino (HOLST) out of Nonavic Spyridonna (ISH) by Limmerick (HOLST). Breeder: John Carlisle & Neil McCluskey (Down). Rider: Hannah Sue Hollberg (USA) 30.5, 4, 8.8 = 43.3.

Preliminary Horse.

3rd HSH Redfield Poynstown Marshall (ISH)[was Poynstown Marshal] – 2016 gelding by Future Trend (OLD) out of Poynstown Queen (ISH) by Olympic Lux (KWPN). Breeder: Paula Widger (Waterford). Rider: Rebecca Hoos (USA) 32.4, 0, 0.0 = 32.4

5th Fernhill Esmerelda (ISH)[was Esmerelda P] – 2017 mare by Emerald Van’t Ruyterhof (BWP) out of Coralista (ISH) by Corland (HOLST). Breeder: Gemma Stack & Anna Dunne Purcell. Rider: Jonathan Holling (USA) 26.6, 0, 8.4 = 35.0

6th Lagans Ricardo Boy (ISH) – 2018 gelding by Cavalier Land (ISH) out of Ricardo Z Lagan (ISH) by Ricardo Z (ZANG). Breeder: Peter Rice. Rider: Natalia Neneman (USA) 31.3, 4, 5.2 = 40.5

Preliminary Rider.

2nd Dreamliner (ISH) – 2011 gelding by Cobra (HOLST) out of Don Diamond Girl (ISH)[TIH] by Glidawn Diamond (ID). Breeder: Cathal Lyons. Rider: Isabella Novak (USA) 29.5, 0, 0.8 = 30.3

3rd Ardeo Lord Lancelot (ISH)[was Oldstone Lord of Lisray] – 2014 gelding by Lancelot (KWPN) out of Little Lou (OLD) by Landfriese (OLD). Breeder: John McNiece (Antrim). Rider: Eileen Galoostian (USA) 32.9, 0, 2.4 = 35.3

4th Cooley Starship (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Cobra (HOLST) out of Simona (SWB) by Leuthen 1 (HOLST). Breeder: Tom Moloney (Kilkenny). Rider: Harper Padgett (USA) 29.0, 0, 6.4 = 35.4

7th Callan Quinto (ISH) – 2005 gelding by Quinto Fabio (TB) out of Callan Clover (ISH) by Coolcaum Hill (ID)  Breeder: John Young. Rider: Claudia Sarnoff (USA) 32.9, 0, 5.2 = 38.1.

Open Modified A.

7th Gortglass Lupin (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Luidam (KWPN) out of Gortglas Skye (ISH)[TIH] by Master Imp (TB). Breeder: Sian Carson Ball. Rider: Gabby Dickerson (USA) 36.3, 0, 0.0 = 36.3

10th Loughnatousa Warrior (ISH) – 2015 gelding by OBOS Quality (OLD) out of Loughnatousa Elsa (ISH) by Spring Diamond (TIH). Breeder: Tim Beecher. Rider: Jonathan Holling (USA) 31.5, 8, 7.6 = 47.0.

Open Modified B.

3rd Chesterfield Willpower (ISH) – 2014 gelding by  Puissance (ISH)[TIH] out of Swift Miss Curtis (unk). Breeder: Michael & Mary Kelly. Rider: Lara Roberts (USA) 33.0, 4, 5.2 = 42.2

4th Cooley Renegade (ISH) [was Georgio Raco] – 2011 gelding by Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan (BEWB) out of Lisglassick Just the Point (ISH)[TIH] by Moot Point (TB). Breeder: George O’Malley (Longford). Rider: Lacey Ogden (USA) 29.8, 8, 4.8 = 42.6

6th Loughnatousa Anika (ISH) – 2017 mare by Pointilliste TB) out of Loughnatousa  Kismet (ISH). Breeder: Tim Beecher. Rider: Jonathan Holling (USA) 41.0, 4, 0.0 = 45.0.


Jumping Branch Farm HT (USA) 16th – 18th February 2024

Junior / Young Rider Preliminary.

1st MTF Cooley Classic (ISH)[was Camblin DC & Cooley All Over] – 2010 gelding by ARS Vivendi (HOLST) out of Josephines Fancy (ISH) by Olympic Lux (KWPN). Breeder: Michael Ryan (Tipperary). Rider: Page Ramsey (USA) 33.2, 0, 0.0 = 33.2.

Open Preliminary.

3rd Kokoleka (ISH)[was Belline Castle Pacino Candy] – 2018 mare by Sligo Candy Boy (ISH) out of Castle Pacino (ISH) by Pacino (BWP). Breeder: Noel Ruane. Rider: Kate Brown (USA) 26.6, 4, 10.8 = 41.4

5th MBF Gambler  (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Ramiro B (BWP) out of Monalease (TB) by Terimon (TB). Breeder: Brian Flynn. Rider: Kimberly Wendel (USA) 33.2, 4.4, 7.6 = 45.2

7th Monbeg Zebedee (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Dignified Van’t Zorgvliet (BWP) out of Bolacreane Dolly (ISH)[TIH] by Cult Hero (TB). Breeder: Marti Rudd. Rider: Alison Springer (USA) 25.5, 4, 20.4 = 49.9

8th Metalbridge Knight (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Uskerty Sweet Lad (ISH)[TIH] out of Luxs Sky (ISH) by Olympic Lux (KWPN). Breeder: Jim Doyle. Rider: Matthew Ulmer (USA) 33.2, 1.2, 19.2 = 53.6.

Preliminary Rider.

2nd HHS Tiger Lily (ISH) – 2015 mare by Cavalier Royale (HOLST) out of Royal Tinkabell (ISH) by Harlequin du Carel (SF). Breeder: Marion Hughes. Rider: Casey Poe (USA) 34.5, 0, 11.6 = 46.1

5th Kilcandra Prince Dignified (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Dignified Van’t Zorgyliet (BWP) out of Bonnie Dolly (ISH) by Bonnie Prince (TB). Breeder: Kilcandra Stud. Rider: Emily Watson (USA) 37.1, 0, 13.6 = 50.7

8th Call the Law (ISH)[was Willows Bossman] – 2009 gelding by Jack of Diamonds (SWB) out of Amazon Cruise (ISH)[TIH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH].  Breeder: Thomas Jones (Cork). Rider: Charlotte Collis (USA) 39.2, 4.4, 33.2 = 76.8

10th Killossery Kitten (ISH)[TIH] – mare by Mr Big Cat (TB) out of Killossery Kruisette (ISH) by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: F & L Glynn. Rider: Laure Sparks (USA) 30.8, 4, 84.4 = 119.2.

Ram Trap Horse Park HT (USA) 16th – 18th February 2024

Open Preliminary

5th GHS Calexico (ISH) – 2015 mare by Van Gogh (KWPN) out of Penhaligon Cairo (AES) by Cavalier Royale (HOLST). Breeder: Leanne Marshall. Rider: Marc Grandia (USA) 34.5, 0, 1.6 = 36.1

6th Carlingfords Hes A Clover (ISH)[was He’s a Clover] – 2012 gelding by Polanski (SWB) out of Fourleaf Clover (ISH)[TIH] by Clover Hill (ID). Breeder: Thomas Keenan (Louth). Rider: Molly  Duda (USA) 31.8, 0, 4.4 = 36.2.

Open Modified

4th Dassett Endeavour (ISH)[was Ricardos Vision] – 2013 gelding by Ricardo Z (ZANG) out of Cloneen Cavalier Countessa (ISH) by Cavalier Royale (HOLST). Breeder: James Thomas Wallace (Clare). Rider: Chloe Kischuk (USA) 21.5, 0, 0.0 = 21.5

5th HSH Redfield Hillside Star (ISH)[was MRF Redfield HSH Star] – 2016 gelding by Metropole (KWPN) out of Rabon (ISH) by Romabo (HOLST). Breeder: Mike Comerford. Rider: Soobin Oh (USA) 22.3, 0, 0.0 = 22.3

6th Juste Capitaine (ISH) – 2014 gelding by Captain Carnute (ISH) out of Blennerville Edel (ISH)[TIH] by Buster King (TB). Breeder: Tim Hurley. Rider: Brooke Corsaut (USA) 23.5, 0, 0.0 = 23.5.


Mata do Duque International (POR) 17th – 20th February 2024

CCI 3* Short.

3rd Galwaybay Talent (ISH) – 2011 gelding by Mermus R (KWPN) out of Doughiska Lass (ISH) by Kannan (KWPN). Breeder: Justin Burke. Rider: Alberto Giugni (ITA) 34.8, 6, 13.2 = 54.0.

CCI 1* Intro.

1st Balun Dearg (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Kannan (KWNP) out of Curraig Firth (TB) by Flemensfirth (TB). Breeder: Richard Fitzgerald. Rider: Anna Hasso (SWE) 35.5, 0, 1.6 = 37.1.


Results from Madrid CCI will be in next weeks results.


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