HSI Coaching Update to CPD Criteria for 2021

  • 19 February 2021, 17:30

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme is a vital element of the Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) Coaching Programme. It ensures HSI Accredited coaches meet their professional obligation to deliver top quality coaching to their riders. Participation in this programme helps coaches develop their technical skills, delivery styles and increases their knowledge base.

The CPD Programme also gives riders confidence in the level of training they are receiving, knowing that the coach is part of an assured professional development programme. For coaches, attending CPD events helps to increase their network and gives an opportunity to interact with their peers and improves career prospects.

Coaches should be aware that the criteria for CPD points has changed for 2021 which we hope will make it easier to accumulate points throughout the year. Please see the main changes listed below, all changes are applicable from 1st January 2021 onwards:

  • Attendance at a First Aid Responder / BHS Equine Specific First Aid will count for 1 CPD point.
  • Attendance at a Safeguarding course will no longer be accepted as part of the CPD points system.
  • Webinars can count for a maximum of CPD 3 points acquired in any given year
  • Coaches should accumulate no less than 2 CPD points from attending practical coaching events as part of their annual CPD programme (where possible)
  • CPD points may be acquired by shadowing high level qualified coaches. Full details are in the document attached. Other situations such as official involvement in a HP programme, active involvement at an international show etc. See the full details in the criteria document.

All events counted towards CPD points must be applicable and compliment the content of the HSI Coaching Programme. Each event should be suitable to further the education and development of accredited coaches.

For full details of the CPD criteria for 2021 and the allocation of CPD credits please click here:

CPD Coach Shadowing Form 2021

CPD Criteria Update 2021