Irish Sport Horses spread their wings with great success in the USA

  • 11 February 2024, 11:37
Many different Irish breeders shine in all classes from Advanced to Modified. Top riders like Dutton, Nolan, Davidson Jnr., and Law are all choosing Irish Sport Horses to keep them at the top.


See below the full list of International Eventing Results


Rocking Horse Winter HT (USA) 9th – 11th February 2024

Advanced (Test A)

3rd Carrabeg Hulla Balou (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Balou du Rouet (OLD) out of Vella Flavour (ISH)[TIH] by Ballinvella (TB). Breeder: Joe Howley (Mayo). Rider: Michael Nolan (IRL) 35.9, 0, 11.2 = 47.1

6th Loughtown Cici ZA (ISH)[TIH] – 2016 mare by Dermish Cruise (ISH)[TIH] out of Castlelawn Diamond Clover (ISH)[TIH] by White Clover (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Gabriel Slattery. Rider: Chris Talley (USA) 38.9, 4, 14.0 = 56.9.

Advanced (Test B)

3rd Jewelent (ISH) – 2012 gelding by Valent (KWPN) out of Bellaney Jewel (TB)[IRL] by Roselier (TB). Breeder: J.W. Rosbotham. Rider: Phillip Dutton (USA) 33.0, 4, 16.4 = 53.4.

Open Intermediate

8th Lissavorra Quality (ISH) – 2016 mare by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Soolmoy Lucy (ISH) by Lux Z (HANN). Breeder: Patrick McLoughney. Rider: Elisa Wallace (USA) 30.9, 4, 6.8 = 41.7.

Intermediate Rider

5th Cooley Vita (ISH)[was Dolmen Dolce Vita] – 2015 mare by Quantino (HOLST) out of Dolmen Denial (ISH) by Ricardo Z  (ZANG). Breeder: Jack Murphy. Rider: Leila Saxe (USA) 34.8, 4, 49.6 = 88.4.

Open Preliminary A

4th MBF Firebrand (ISH)[was Tyson Knight] – 2017 gelding by Tyson out of Coevers Gold by Coevers Diamond Boy. Breeder: Angela Kelly. Rider: Chris Talley (USA) 36.8, 0, 0.0 = 36.8

5th HSH Redfield Poynstown Marshall (ISH)[was Poynstown Marshal] – 2016 gelding by Future Trend (OLD) out of Poynstown Queen (ISH) by Olympic Lux (KWPN). Breeder: Paula Widger (Waterford). Rider: Rebecca Hoos (USA) 34.8, 0, 2.4 = 37.2

7th Tullibards Twist and Turns (ISH) – 2011 gelding by Cobra (HOLST) out of Rathnure Gem (ISH)[TIH] by Grange Bouncer (ID). Breeder: William Masterson (Wexford). Rider: Cristina Barbour (CAN) 31.1, 4, 2.8 = 37.9.

Open Preliminary B

5th Rock Jennings (ISH)[TIH] – 2016 gelding by Tajraasi (TB) out of Miss Goatenbridge (ISH)[TIH] by Crosstown Dancer (ID). Breeder: James Carey. Rider: Micheal Nolan (IRL) 30.9, 4.8, 6.8 = 42.5

8th Royal Oak (unk) – 2010 gelding OIO by Ballintogher Leo (ISH). Rider: Cristina Barbour (CAN) 35.0, 4, 5.6 = 44.6.

Open Preliminary One Day

2nd Fernhill One Too Many (ISH)[was MBF One To Many] – 2015 gelding by Harlequin du Carel (SF) out of Garrouse (ISH) by Master Imp (TB). Breeder: Valerie Fogarty. Rider: Anna Loschiavo (USA) 27.7, 0, 0.8 = 28.5

6th Cooley Candyman [ISH][was Tempo Candy Hill] – 2013 gelding by Sligo Candy Boy [ISH] out of Dashing Hill [ISH] by FlameHill [ISH]. Breeder: Thomas Anthony Jones (Sligo). Rider: Bruce Davidson Jnr (USA) 29.8, 0, 8.0 = 37.8

9th Cullintra End Game (ISH)[was Cullintra Digger] – 2017 gelding by Quantino (HOLST) out of Cullintra Witness (TB) by Witness Box (TB). Breeder: Laurence Hanrahan. Rider: Ariel Grald (USA) 31.1, 0, 10.8 = 41.9.

Preliminary Horse

1st CLH Soldier Blue (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Mermus R (KWPN) out of Drumrankin Silver Lady (ISH)[TIH] by Loch Cruise (ISH). Breeder: Commandant Gerard Flynn. Rider: Leslie Law (GBR) 32.3, 0, 1.6 = 33.9

3rd SF Sportsfield Rising Star (ISH)[TIH] – 2017 gelding by Golden Master (TB)[IRL] out of Oldyard Daisy (ISH)[TIH] by Ghareeb (TB). Breeder: Michael Doyle. Rider: Joe Meyer (NZL) 38.2, 0, 10.8 = 49.0.

Preliminary Rider

2nd Callan Quinto (ISH)[TIH] – 2005 gelding by Quinto Fabio (TB) out of Callan Clover (ISH)[TIH] by Coolcaum Hill (ID). Breeder: John Young (Kilkenny). Rider: Claudia Sarnoff (USA) 33.9, 4, 2.4 = 40.3

4th Fernhill Locklann (ISH)[was Fernhill Fifty Shades] – OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Cottage Cavalier (ISH) by Don Juan de la Bouverie (SBS). Breeder: Thomas Hutchinson. Rider: Janna Scholtz (USA) 32.1, 4, 28.4 = 64.5.

Open Modified

2nd Carrigshawn HFS (ISH)[was Carrigshaw Quincy] – 2016 mare by Quantino (HOLST) out of Carrigshawn Lucy (ISH) by Olympic Lux (KWPN). Breeder: John Warner. Rider: Alyssa Phillips (USA) 32.1, 0, 0.0 = 32.1

5th Rinnwood Big Cat (ISH) – 2014 gelding by Mr Big Cat (TB) out of Rinnwood Touch (ISH) by Touchdown (ISH). Breeder: Deanna MacGuinness. Rider: Katie Ruppel (USA) 28.6, 0, 5.2 = 33.8

6th Hanslough Diamond (ISH) – 2014 gelding by S Creevagh Ferro Ex Siebe (KWPN) out of Nancy’s Diamond (ISH) by Furisto’s Diamond (ISH). Breeder: Robert Jenkinson. Rider: Sara Kelson (USA) 32.1, 0, 3.6 = 35.7

8th Rock Phoenix (ISH)[TIH][was Ballyluskey Jewel & Fernhill Rock Phoenix] – 2011 gelding by Spirit House (TB) out of Ballycroy Rose (ID) by Clonakilty Hero (ID). Breeder: Maura O’Malley (Mayo). Rider: Jane Stephenson (CAN) 28.6, 8, 1.6 = 38.2

10th Rock On (ISH)[TIH] – 2017 gelding by Loughehoe Guy (ISH)[TIH] out of Lassies Dancer (ISH)[TIH] by Crosstown Dancer (ID). Breeder: Bridin Garrigle. Rider: Michael Nolan (IRL) 29.5, 4, 7.2 = 40.7.

Open Modified (One Day)

2nd Lieutenant Dan (ISH) – 2012 gelding by Carick Diamond Lad (ISH)[TIH] out of Foxglen Lass (ISH) by Ard VDL Douglas (KWPN). Breeder: John Curtis. Rider: Leah Lang-Gluscic (USA) 31.0, 0, 0.0 = 31.0

3rd Cooley Starship (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Cobra (HOLST) out of Simona (SWB) by Leuthen 1 (HOLST). Breeder: Tom Moloney (Kilkenny). Rider: Harper Padgett (USA) 31.0, 0, 4.4 = 35.4

6th Ratheoin Quality Imp (ISH) – 2017 gelding by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Coonogues Dawn (ISH) by Master Imp (TB). Breeder: Sean Barron. Rider: Lisa Marie Fergusson (CAN) 34.3, 0, 4.0 = 38.3

8th Duke of Diamond (ID) – 2000 gelding by Its the Quiet Man (ID) out of Diamond Aills. (ID) by Silver Hills (ID). Breeder: Padraig Ruane (Mayo). Rider: Jane Musselman (USA) 33.8, 0, 10.0 = 43.8

9th Fernhill Quite Frankly (ISH) – 2015 gelding by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD) out of Rusheen Lux (ISH) by Lux Z (HANN). Breeder: Gerard Grace. Rider: Rebecca Brown (USA) 27.4, 0, 16.4 = 43.8

10th Global BGK (ISH)[TIH][was BGK Ditto] – 2015 gelding by Carrick Diamond Lad (ISH)[TIH] out of Shanbo Impel (ISH)[TIH] by Master Imp (TB). Breeder: Shanbo Stud. Rider: Megan Edwards (USA) 31.2, 8, 5.6 = 44.8.


Pine Top Intermediate HT (USA) 9th – 11th February 2024


2nd Vandyke (ISH) 2014 gelding by Vancouver (KWPN) out of Shannondale Willow [ISH] by Touchdown (ISH). Breeder: Deborah Palmer (Derry). Rider: Allison Springer (USA) 36.1, 0, 0.0 = 36.1

4th Fernhill Royale (ISH)[was Cavalier Trumps] (ISH) – 2009 by Cavalier Royale (HOLST) out of Greenacres Trumps (ISH)[TIH] by Ballinvella (TB). Breeder: Michael Callery. Rider: Mai Petersen (USA) 37.5, 6.4, 4.0 = 47.9.

Open Intermediate A

2nd Morswood (ISH) – 2008 gelding by Ricardo Z (ZANG) out of Princess in Arms (ISH)[TIH] by Present Arms (TB). Breeder: John Doherty (Louth). Rider: Alexandra Knowles (USA) 35.0, 0, 0.0 = 35.0

3rd OKE Ruby R (ISH)[was Excel Ruby] – 2013 mare by Namelus R (KWPN) out of B.Termie R 6 (KWPN) by Germus R (KWPN). Breeder: Martina McCrory (Tyrone). Rider: Waylon Roberts (CAN) 37.4, 4, 0.0 = 41.4

5th P.S. I Love You (ISH)[was PS I Love You 2] – 2016 gelding by FSS Correlli Bravo (ISH) out of Woodmount Queen (ISH)[TIH] by Crannagh Hero (ID). Breeder: Kevin Dooley. Rider: Alexandra Knowles (USA) 41.8, 4, 0.0 = 45.8

6th Baymax (ISH) – 2013 gelding by ARD Vivendi (HOLST) out of Olympics Corner (ISH) by Olympic Lux (KWPN). Breeder: Mary Quirke (Tipperary). Rider: Colin Gaffney (USA) 45.8, 0, 0.0 = 45.8.

Open Intermediate B

1st Trendy Fernhill (ISH) – 2011 gelding by ARS Vivendi (HOLST) out of Cruisings Girl (ISH)[TIH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Eamon Kenny (Laois). Rider: Jenny Caras (USA) 26.0, 4, 0.0 = 30.0

2nd Fernhill Salt Lake (ISH)[was Haw Minister] – 2015 gelding by My O My (HOLST) out of Salt Lake City (ISH)[TIH] by Yeats (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: James Hickey. Rider: Waylon Roberts (CAN) 31.8, 4, 0.0 = 35.8

3rd Hashtag Trending (ISH) – 2016 gelding by Future Trend (OLD) out of Silvanos Lift (ISH) by Silvano (KWPN). Breeder: James Nash. Rider: Sarah Kuhn (USA) 31.0, 0, 6.0 = 37.0

8th Sunday Times (ISH)[TIH][was Lackaghbeg Hero] – 2007 gelding by Cult Hero (TB) out of Lackaghbeg Crest (ID) by Sea Crest (ID). Breeder: Paddy Joyce (Galway). Rider: Arden Foster Wildasin (USA) 43.2, 1.6, 0.8 = 45.6.

Intermediate Rider

1st Rosconnell Alto (ISH) – 2015 gelding by Tabasco Van Erpekom (BWP) out of All Clover (ISH) by Cavalier Clover Lad (ISH). Breeder: Patrick Lacey. Rider: Kiersten Miller (USA) 28.4, 4.4, 29.2 = 62.0.

Only 2 finished.

Open Preliminary

2nd Romans Code Red (ISH)[was PNP Heart Throb] – 2015 gelding by Womanizer (KWPN) out of Scoole Hill Clover (ISH) by Farney Clover (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Noelle McGuane. Rider: Katie Lichten (USA) 26.3, 0, 0.0 = 26.3

5th  Cooley Northern Mist (ISH) – 2010 gelding by Cobra (HOLST) out of Neat Moonlight Clover (ISH) by Countach (OLD). Breeder: Nicola Tang (Derry). Rider: Andi Lawrence (USA) 34.7, 0, 1.6 = 36.3

8th Poynstown Jaguar (ISH) – 2014 gelding by Jaguar Mail (SF) out of Tireragh Stepping Stone (ISH) by Limmerick (HOLST). Breeder: Jim Tempany (Sligo). Rider: Alex Martini (USA) 36.6, 6.8, 0.0 = 43.4

10th Cooley Flight (ISH) – 2012 gelding by Plot Blue (KWPN) out of Making Moments (ISH)[TIH] by Laughton’s Flight (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Julie Graham (Down). Rider: Ryan Wood (AUS) 36.8, 0, 9.2 = 46.0.

Open Preliminary (One Day)

8th Dassett Olympus (ISH)[was Ballyvadd Talisman] – 2013 gelding by Lancelot (KWPN) out of Cushlamochree (ISH)[TIH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Andrew Kirwan (Waterford). Rider: Lillian Heard Wood (USA) 30.8, 0, 10.8 = 41.6.

Open Preliminary 2 Day

1st September Venture (TB)[IRL] – 2014 gelding by September Storm (TB) out of Solo Venture (TB). Rider: Alexandra Knowles (USA) 29.4, 0, 0.0 = 29.5

4th Cooley Corraghy Diamond (ISH) – 2017 gelding by Diamond Roller (ISH) out of Seoladh (ISH)[TIH] by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: John Kenny. Rider: Kimberly Severson (USA) 30.8, 4, 0.0 = 34.8

6th HSH Crypto (ISH)[was Pavoda] – 2016 gelding by Casallco (ISH) out of Cumano Kiss (ISH) by Lux Z (HANN). Breeder: Carol A McLaughlin. Rider: Sydney Shinn (USA) 32.9, 0.8, 3.2 = 36.9

7th Briarhill Excel Star Take 2 (ISH)[was Briarhill Lui Bay] – 2015 mare by Kings Cornet [ISH] out of Briarhill Cruise (ISH) by Luidam (KWPN). Breeder: Anne Coyne. Rider: Courtney Cooper (USA) 37.4, 0, 0.0 = 37.4

9th Luska Candy Clover [ISH][was HSH Luska Legend] – 2013 gelding by Sligo Candy Boy [ISH] out of Miss Demeanor [ISH] by White Clover (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Amie Sterling (Tipperary). Rider: Caitlin Silliman (USA) 31.6, 0.4, 5.6 = 37.6.

Preliminary Rider

2nd Fernhill Focus Maxi (ISH)[was BSI Focus Maximus] – 2013 gelding by Candillo Z (HOLST) out of Stay Focused (ISH) by ARD VDL Douglas (KWPN). Breeder: Michael Buckley (Waterford). Rider: Jake Tessler (USA) 37.4, 0, 0.0 = 37.4

4th Fernhill Final Cavalier (ISH)[was Greenacres Cavalier Boy] – 2014 gelding by Cavalier Royale (HOLST) out of Greenacres Quality (ISH) by OBOS Quality 004 (OLD). Breeder: Michael Callery. Rider: Liesel Fazekas (USA) 37.4, 4.8, 0.0 = 42.2.

Open Modified

1st Kilbunny Close Call (ISH) – 2015 gelding by OBOS Quality (OLD) out of Emilymoran (ISH) by Cruising (ISH)[TIH]. Breeder: Edmond Crotty. Rider: Fylicia Barr (USA) 24.8, 0, 0.0 = 24.8

4th Excel Star Vero Amore (ISH)[was Leestone Vigovol] – 2016 gelding by Vigo D’Arsouilles (BWP) out of Ultiem V (KWPN) by Voltaire (HANN). Breeder: John McKibbin. Rider:Caitlin Silliman (USA) 26.5, 4, 0.0 = 30.5

5th MTF Cooley Classic (ISH)[was Camblin DC & Cooley All Over] – 2010 gelding by ARS Vivendi (HOLST) out of Josephines Fancy (ISH) by Olympic Lux (KWPN). Breeder: Michael Ryan (Tipperary). Rider: Page Ramsey (USA) 26.5, 4, 0.0 = 30.5.

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