Researchers at University College Dublin conduct survey into perceptions of veterinary genetic testing

  • 28 July 2022, 15:25

Researchers at University College Dublin’s School of Veterinary Medicine, led by Professor Vivienne Duggan, are conducting a survey into stakeholder perceptions of veterinary genetic testing for equine health and disease. Each individual horse has unique DNA containing biological building blocks that determine physical attributes. Genetic testing can detect differences in the DNA (variants) that may be associated with health or disease states. Knowledge of DNA variants may assist in management and breeding decisions that maximise health, fertility and performance. The thoughts and opinions of the equine community are important to consider in the rapidly developing field of veterinary genetic testing. The information generated in this project will help to understand the perceptions of, and preferences for, veterinary genetic testing in the Sport and Thoroughbred horse industries to direct future research and clinical endeavours.

Please click on the link here to complete the survey:

Participating in the survey should take approximately 10 minutes.

The survey will be available from 22nd July to 21st August 2022 inclusive.

Please click here to view the study which sparked the implementation of this survey: Warmblood fragile foal syndrome causative single nucleotide polymorphism frequency in horses in Ireland.